The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is the next model in the lineup that made the whole bezelless craze mainstream (because just how much reach does Sharp have as a smartphone brand?), and we have a pretty good idea how it'll look thanks to a seemingly official render from a week ago. But it's even better to see the actual phone, live, on video, right?

The folks over at OnPhones have gotten their hands on a Mi Mix 2S, by the looks of it, and have shared a short, yet revealing clip. The big news is that the bezelless phone will employ gestures, not unlike the ones found on the iPhone X - for accessing the task switcher, at least. One thing Xiaomi hasn't taken straight out of the X - the home bar we're huge fans of. Not.


Unfortunately, the video doesn't give us a glimpse of the top right corner of the device where the front-facing camera should be according to the circulating render. Notches are the new fad now that Apple has chosen to chisel out the display of the iPhone X to fit cameras in there, but the one on the Mi Mix 2S is about as inconspicuous as any. So, when's that review unit coming our way?



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