Amazon has opened up the sales of the Echo devices in India to everyone. The devices can now be purchased online through Amazon.in and offline through 350 retail stores across 20 cities, including Croma, Reliance, Vijay Sales, Crossword and more.

Amazon first launched the Echo series in India back in October 2017 but back then the devices were only available on an invite basis. It took the company four months to open up the sales for everyone, during which time it mostly spent making Alexa better.

Alexa in India has been revamped considerably to work with Indian voices and requirements. Alexa itself has a different and a more familiar voice in India. A new feature available now that wasn’t available before is Alexa to Alexa voice calling to voice call your friends and family. The Drop-in feature is also enabled, which works for room to room calling, and lets you reach out to people in your house by telling Alexa to drop in on a particular room.

The Echo is available in three versions, the Echo Dot (INR 4499), the Echo (INR 9999) and the Echo Plus (INR 14,999).


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