JerryRigEverything has performed another one of his durability tests on the BlackBerry Motion. We reviewed the BlackBerry Motion and praised it for its excellent build quality and sturdiness.

Starting off with the scratch test: BlackBerry’s website does say that the phone does use a different kind of glass called DragonTrail Glass, which features a “nano-diamond anti-scratch” coating to resist against scratching. As fate would have it, the DragonTrail glass scratched at around the same hardness scale as any 2017 flagship with a Gorilla Glass display. Perhaps if we see the display over time, we may be able to see if there is an actual advantage over Gorilla Glass.


Moving on to materials, the BlackBerry uses hard metal for the frame, and used high-quality glass for the fingerprint sensor and the lens in front of the main 12MP camera, so the razor blade was unable to leave marks. The buttons, are also made of metal while the top endcap of the phone is made of plastic.

The rear matte backing of the phone is unscathed by keys and coins while the blade left a large number “۱” on the back. Even if the back was made of metal or glass, it would scratch much more easily than this soft-touch rubber material that BlackBerry likes to use.

We still don’t know what the flame test proves, but all the pixels returned to their normal state after they’ve cooled down.

Finally, comes the bend test. The sturdy frame ensured that you would barely be able to get the BlackBerry Motion to flex. Also, given that the Motion is IP67, the adhesive around the display glass keeps the display from popping out like it was doing in the first batches of the BlackBerry KEYone. The very same YouTuber offered to retest the phone if BlackBerry addressed it (and it did).

The BlackBerry Motion’s durability and software is what justifies its price point. Sadly, the Snapdragon 625’s performance did not. Read all about it on our review of the BlackBerry Motion.



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