Just yesterday we told you guys about a $100-off deal that was going on at the online Google Store for the Pixel ۲ XL. However, there is an even better deal if you’re looking to score the larger Pixel 2 XL for activating on Verizon.

The deal does require that you sign up for Verizon’s installment plans, as that is the only way you will be able to get the full $400 off.

Source: Best Buy

Best Buy is already slashing $100 off the Google Pixel ۲ XL at Best Buy, but if you activate a Verizon monthly installment plan to pay the phone off, you’ll get $300 back in statement credits, which comes out to about $16.67 in monthly discounts. This before taxes, you can buy a Pixel 2 XL for a total of $449 (for the 64GB variant).

We’re not sure how long this deal will last, but knowing Best Buy, we’d bet that it will only be until Sunday at the very latest. If it goes on into next week then Verizon may be desperate to get rid of these things. Or might want to potentially sway customers from pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S9.



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