Terms and Conditions

  • Prior to joining the Site and using any of the features provided, You must exactly read and agree with all laws and policies of the site. in spite of respect between site and members,these conditions are set to prevent any possible misuse and fraud in site services. Disagree with these rules means that the user does not register and can't use the site.
  • The management and activities refrence of the site is located in the Islamic Republic of Iran. If any offense occures by users,the informations of the guilty user will be sent to judicial authoroties due to legal request.
  • Use of the Site Service is prohibited on websites containing illegal, immoral, vulgar, offensive, threatening, defamatory, or any kind of offensive racial or specific contents,and user's account will be banned.
  • Using internet viruses to abuse other users accounts is illegal and, if viewed, will be prosecuted by judicial authoroties.
  • Using personal informations of users with business purposes through the site is prohibited and will be treated as an offline user.
  • After you sign up for the site, the site will verify your login information step by step.
  • Only those who are legal (18 years) and over can join the site and use its services.
  • The communication of the site with its users is solely via email info@anagsm.com and is used for information purposes only.
  • If the user sells products contrary to the laws of the site with other titles, in the event of infringement, in addition to blocking the portal and user account, all liability is the responsibility of the recipient and the site assumes no liability whatsoever.
  • The user is required to complete his full information including: contact telephone, address, postal code and email and other relevant fields after temporary registration.
  • Use of the site service machine or any misuse of the site service is prohibited without Informing the site and will be treated as an offline user.
  • Users abusing or malfunctioning the rules,will be discovered and banned by the site.
  • If a user does not wish to continue working on our website, He can terminate his account by sending us an email, the site will terminate the account,but it will keep a database in order to maintain details of user's transactions.
  • The site suspends users who act opposite of the above rules and makes a final decision on the account and notifies the user.
  • If any damages, penalties or other liability arising out of breach of this Agreement are incurred by the User, the refund shall be entirely self-contained and the Website assumes no liability whatever, In addition if such breach causes damage to the site itself by user's action,the mentioned user should pay the fine estimated by the site.
  • In order to update and create new features and to carry out marketing plans and increase sales of software changes on the site is being periodically carried out to notify users and inform them responsibilities of possible computation mistakes in changing, which reported by users,are handled by the site. This site is subject to verification or discrepancies in the calculation of the deduction amount or is added to the user account in cases where the deduction or overpayment due to software development error is inconsistent for the entire system by updating and has no obligation to correct User reporting and compensation are committed to modification And any items that are out of modification will not be handled by the site
  • The user account balance is reserved for six months after the last login request, and any time a user requests a deposit to a bank account submitted according to site rules, users who do not balance their account within six months and known as inactive or unused accounts by the site,site will make decision about the account informing the user.If the mentioned user does not take any action,site will make the final decision about avalaiblity of that account.

Items may be added or removed from the site's rules list, so users are encouraged to study the rules periodically. if any changes occur in the Terms and Conditions of "ANAGSM" Services, users will be informed through this section.

According to the e-commerce law of the year 1382, the requirements of the sale "ANAGSM" website and the contract of sale will be sent to the buyer's email, in that case it will have legal notice and signature of the contract and be legally binding.


"ANAGSM"does not accept any responsibilities from direct and indirect damages (such as data loss and blackouts mobile phone and hack, war, floods, earthquakes, fires and civil strife strikes and sanctions ...). 

  • The customer or payer or buyer of the product can claim a non-delivery (download) of the product only up to 24 hours after his/her payment. after the buyer notified the support team of the site,support team will attempt to resolve the customer download problem. if The product delivered (downloaded) does not match the product description, The payment will be blocked in the seller's account until the order and delivery status determined. In addtion, claimes of both side will be accepted based on the documents provided. The support section is the store where the purchase is made and conversation between the seller and Be purchased will be established.

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