For his first smartphone durability test of 2018, Zack from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything chose the Huawei Mate 10 Pro as the subject. Now that the handset is up for pre-order in the US, more people may like to know how well it fares in this pretty standard challenge.

It turns out that it doesn't disappoint. Its screen scratches exactly when you'd expect, and manages to withstand an open flame for a whopping 40 seconds without any damage, matching Samsung's Galaxy S8 in this regard. Unfortunately though, because the Mate 10 Pro uses an OLED touchscreen, its pixels don't recover once you've stopped applying the flame, unlike some LCDs.


In the very important bend test, the Mate 10 Pro survives with flying colors. It doesn't flex almost at all, whether bent from the front or the back. No damage is being done to the glass screen or the glass rear panel, and there isn't even a crinkle near the metal power button.

Both the front camera and the Huawei logo on that side of the phone are under the glass and thus can't be easily scratched. But while the rear cameras both sit behind glass, the fingerprint scanner has a plastic coating that can get easily marked with a razor blade. On the flip side, it reads fingerprints with no issue even with heavy damage.


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