Multiple clues point to Sony using an OLED display for its upcoming flagship, now new info from the supply chain suggests this will be sourced from LG Display. Sony already uses LG OLED panels for its successful line of premium TVs.

“Sony is expected to implant its success factors in the TV business in its smartphone business and develop products such as foldable phones,” says an industry insider

The OLEDs in question will be flexible panels. Foldable phones aside, flexible panels are typically used to achieve curved edges on the screen. Previously, there were rumors that Sony will jump on the 18:9 bandwagon as well so we may see a major shift in design at MWC 2018.

LG could supply OLED panels for Sony's next Xperia flagship

LG Display is bringing up new OLED production lines and needs customers. It already has LG Mobile (LG V30 and Pixel 2 XL) and wants to make a deal with Apple, though Cupertino may be shifting back to LCDs.

Anyway, Sony Xperias are here to stay but they need to contribute more to the bottom line. And a major redesign might be just what it needs to succeed.



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