Nest is a hardware company that markets and sells home security cameras. The company was acquired back in 2014 in a $2.3 billion dollar acquisition.

The company’s newest products are the Hello and x Yale Lock. Nest Hello is a doorbell which can accurately be described as ”Nest’s version of the Ring Doorbell”. The design is certainly less blocky and with more curves. The button’s LED lights up as a guest approaches so it’s easy to spot.

The general concept is otherwise the same. Get an alert when someone is at the door and you can see who it is with an app on your smartphone. “It’s designed to be a natural experience – not like talking to a bulky, techy black box” states Nest’s website, making a direct jab at Ring’s square and more recognizable design. Nest’s Hello offers quick, pre-recorded resposes like “Just a moment, we’ll be right there.

Nest Hello and x Yale Lock
Nest Hello and x Yale Lock

Nest Hello and x Yale Lock

In addition to the Nest Hello, the company is also launching the Nest x Yale Lock, a connected door lock to use in conjunction with the new doorbell. Nest believes your lock “should be connected to your other security products like your cameras and alarm system.” Yale is a company that already makes door locks (and has been for the past 100 years) so it seems like a great company to team up with for such a product.

The lock has a number pad that allows you to manage guests and limit the hours of access to your home. The x Yale Lock can also lock itself when it detects that nobody is home by using the Home/Away Assist feature.

Nest Hello, along with other Nest products are all compatible with Google Assistant and if you have a Nest Aware subscription to the Nest Hello, you can get alerts about familiar faces so you’d know the name of the person who’s at the door before you have to look.

The x Yale Lock is now available for $249 or $279 for the same lock with Nest Connect. Meanwhile, the Nest Hello is going for $229. by contrast, Ring has offerings starting at $179 all the way up to $499. The Nest Hello is available from its website, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe's.

Ring was recently acquired by Amazon, so the race is now on between Google and Amazon to invade your home with smart home products.

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