ZTE’s nubia line has some striking designs that house the powerful chipset of the day – for the Z17 that was the Snapdragon 835 and for this newly leaked nubia NX606J it’s the Snapdragon ۸۴۵.

The nubia Z17s was the first in the line to feature a tall screen, 17:9. The new device – let’s call it the nubia Z19 because its model name is clunky – has an 18:9 screen. Its resolution is 1,080 x 2,160px.

The Snapdragon 845 chipset runs Android ۸.۰, though this being a nubia means the OS is heavily customized. There’s 6GB of RAM (good) with 32GB of storage (half what the Z17s had).

ZTE nubia NX606J specs on AnTuTu

ZTE nubia NX606J specs on AnTuTu

That’s a bit unexpected, but the AnTuTu score is inline with the Galaxy S9+ score.

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