Oppo is building up hype for the March 26 launch of the Oppo F7. The company tweeted more teasers that focus on the notched “Super Full Screen”.

While Oppo is stingy with the details, according to the rumor mill this refers to a 19:9 notched screen with a 6.2” diagonal and 1080p+ resolution. The screen to body ratio will allegedly be an impressive 89.09%, surpassing the best on the market right now.

<a  href=The Oppo F7 is coming (on March 26)" width="533" height="400" />

The Oppo F7 is coming (on March 26)

Being part of its “Selfie Expert” phones, the Oppo F7 will sport a 25MP selfie camera with AI enhancements (of course), similar to what we saw on the F5.

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