Samsung's offering some serious discounts on accessories for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the US with two bundles in particular that bring massive savings - provided, of course, you actually need said accessories.

The 'S9 Ultimate bundle' is priced at $99 and includes the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand 2018 (MSRP $69.99), the Gear IconX wireless earbuds in black ($199.99), and the latest GearVR headset ($129.99) - a total of $400 worth of accessories (though we're not sure anyone's ever bought those at full retail).

Galaxy S9+ standard retail package (hint: the S9's the same)

The 'Power Upgrade Bundle' includes the fast wireless charger too, but, being a power bundle, replaces the fun stuff with more charging stuff - an Adaptive Fast Charging Dual-Port Vehicle Charger ($39.99 with both a microUSB and a USB-C cable included) and a Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack 5100 mAH ($59.99) - for a total of $170 MSRP. This bundle could be yours for $49.

The bundles are only available with the purchase of either size S9 - not the Note8, for example. Also, don't go looking for them as a separate listing - they'll pop up at one of the steps in the check out process.



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