Last year, the decision between Galaxy S8 and S8+ was solely down to size. This year, however, Samsung’s flagships have more significant differences and the price difference between the two is larger. So, having been voted top flagships of the MWC as a couple, let’s break it down and pick the best individual phone.

The size is different, yes. The Galaxy S9 has a 5.8” screen, the Galaxy S9+ comes with a 6.2” display. Both have 18.5:9 tall aspect ratio and no notches.

The Galaxy S9+ brings the series' first dual camera. Both 12MP sensors get OIS, one lens is wide-angle, the other is telephoto. The wide-angle lens has a fairly unique variable aperture – f/2.4 for daylight shots and f/1.5 for nighttime (plus 12-frame noise reduction).

The smaller S9 gets only the wide-angle camera, still with OIS and variable aperture. This camera also has improved slow-mo shooting capabilities – it can do 240fps at 1080p and 960fps at 720p. You do miss out on the telephoto camera, though.

Weekly poll: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. S9+ sibling rivalry

Both flagships are powered by either Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 8910, but the Galaxy S9+ has more RAM – ۶GB vs. 4GB . The storage is identical (and both have microSD slots).

The rest is equal: the new stereo speakers, the 3.5mm jack, 4K at 60fps HEVC video, face unlock, AR emojis and so on. Battery capacity is different, but battery endurance should be pretty close.

Before you pick a favorite, we should note the difference in price. In the US, you’re looking at $720 and $840 for the S9 and S9+ respectively. In the UK, that’s £۷۴۰ and £۸۷۰. In continental Europe, it’s €۸۵۰ and €۹۵۰.

Well, which one will it be?


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